Administration and Management

SAP tools for administration and management of applications and users in Cloud One

All applications running in Cloud One are continuously monitored and managed to ensure their smooth and continuous operation. SAP tools such as the remote support platform (RSP) and the Cloud Control Center for SAP Business One ensure efficient and powerful administration of the Cloud environment, both during daily operation as well as when updating or migrating to newer versions of SAP Business One.

The remote support platform for SAP Business One is a tool for remote administration and proactive technical support of SAP Business One and its databases. In addition to proactive monitoring, other benefits of a RSP in relation to technical support are its patch distribution and systematic upgrade preparation of SAP Business One.

SAP provides RSP customers with the information system SAP Business One free of charge.

The remote support platform for SAP Business One provides:

  • System status report – a complex system assessment performed by controlling selected parameters such as software and hardware configuration, free disk space, configuration (including installed add-on modules), or a level of customization. This report is accompanied by a transparent visualization of key indicators status in form of semaphores, that helps to optimize the priorities setting and timing of tasks connected with system maintenance.
  • Database integrity check allows for the detection of database integrity problems that have not yet been identified. Thanks to early identification of these risks, it is possible to react promptly and prevent data loss.
  • Reliability check provides information about any type of issues that can influence smooth system operation.

The Cloud Control Center for SAP Business One provides:

The Cloud Control Center is an interface for the system landscape directory service that enables cloud providers to manage etire SAP Business One OnDemand landscape and dynamically provision computing resources. The application has an wizard-based interface so cloud providers can easily incorporate additional components into an on-demand landscape on the fly and rapidly provision new customers.

The Cloud Control Center includes the following functionality:

  • Install and register hardware and software resources in the system landscape directory
  • Create service units and assign hardware and software resources
  • Install and activate software licenses from SAP
  • Provide customers with the required tenants and manage existing tenants
  • Create user accounts with the necessary credentials and authorizations
  • Use solution packages and templates to rapidly provision new company databases with all the appropriate settings and information

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