Cloud One connection via MS RemoteApp

Cloud One users can access SAP Business One without limits, 24/7, 365 days a year, in their offices, at home, or on the way. Only Internet access is required to connect with SAP Business One provided by Cloud One. You can connect via wi-fi, mobile or wire connection.

With RemoteApp and Desktop Connections Windows users are able to enjoy remote applications with the same look and feel as local applications. RemoteApp with Desktop Connections is a feature that brings RemoteApp programs to the Start menu, giving them the same launch experience as local applications.

How to Connect?

Go to address with your web browser.
Enter your credentials.
Start your SAP B1 application.

How to Set Up Permanent Connection?

Open RemoteApp and Desktop Connections in Control Panel, either by opening Control Panel, or by using Windows Search.

Click Set up a new connection with RemoteApp and Desktop Connections . This will start the new connection wizard.
Enter the URL of the connection. The URL for Windows 10 is For former versions it is

Click Next and Next. You will be prompted to authenticate to the web server.

Enter your credentials and check Remember me. Now the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections client software will finish setting up the connection.
In a moment, the process will complete, and you will see a wizard page that summarizes the results. After clicking View resources the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections Control Panel will show all your created connections.

The Start menu will now contain the SAP Business One connection. You can also access the program by using Windows Search.
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    KISTENPFENNIG AG KISTENPFENNIG AG is a service provider of industrial MRO spare parts, Personal Protection Equipment and Hand Tools in Germany, Luxembourg and Romania. SAP Business One helps the company to manage business in the romanian branch office.
  • Nakhodka Seafood s.r.o.

    Nakhodka Seafood s.r.o. Nakhodka Seafood s.r.o. is a trading company which specialize on frozen fish products. It is a subsidiary company of PJSC NBAMR (Nakhodka Active Marine Fishery Base) in Europe.
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