Technical Support

Professional technical support guarantees smooth operation and high satisfaction

With SAP Business One Cloud (SaaS) or SAP Business One Cloud platform (PaaS), the customer automatically receives access to professional services related to the ongoing maintenance of the software/hardware infrastructure and operation of SAP Business One installation in the data center.
The Cloud service provider is responsible for the continuous monitoring and administration of the entire solution. No investments or human resources are required from the customer.

The customer is provided with application support for SAP Business One by an implementation partner based on a service contract defining its terms and conditions.

Support services provided by Versino are performed by specialized consultants from the company´s technical support department in cooperation with the SAP technical support department. These services include regular user support for SAP Business One as well as troubleshooting within the agreed timeframe.

Versino Help Desk

The Versino Help Desk provides customers with single, easy to use web interface to record and track all types of requirements for application support, training, system development, and troubleshooting.. Users can track the whole lifecycle of their requirements including history at one place. They are continuously informed about current status and development of each requirement through automatically generated e-mails. The Versino Help Desk is available non-stop, 24/7.

Versino Hot Line

The Versino Hot Line is available during working hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
To ensure high efficiency and quality of service, Versino’s technical support department is using the powerful software tools from Citrix and SAP for monitoring and administration of applications and remote user support.
Security is ensured through one-time encryption keys and powerful encryption algorithms. Versino’s support staff can thus connect safely to a server or particular user’s device to diagnose and resolve the problem or to provide a consultancy if required.

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